Who We Are

We are a Y Combinator alumna and new Venture Partner at Pioneer Fund,
an NSF SBIR grant awardee, and a psychotherapist-turned-founder.
Together, we're committed to increasing the number of diverse teams of startup founders who successfully raise funding.

What We Offer

Investor Connections

At our exclusive, online Founder Access to VCs Events (FAVEs), we enable underrepresented founders to have an equal opportunity to connect with investors -
no warm intros or elite networks required.

Pitch Deck Review

Share your pitch deck with investors and fellow founders
and receive honest, constructive feedback.
You control whether founders, investors, and/or
FairFunders Advisors see your deck.

Brainstorming Sessions

Got a startup problem to solve?
We've found that the best startup advice comes from other founders. Schedule a free session with a fellow founder, or schedule a session with FairFunders for a modest donation.

Fair Funders List

Each month, we put together a list of investors who fund diverse teams of founders. If you know or are an investor who is committed to diversity and inclusion in their portfolio,
we'd love to hear from you.

We’re proud to have featured investors
from these firms at
Founder Access to VCs Events (FAVEs)

Kapor Capital
Southbox Ventures
Strive Capital
Lux Capital
MATH Venture Partners
New Enterprise Associates
Cross Culture Ventures
Elmspring Accelerator
The JumpFund
Edovate Capital
Trifecta Capital
Zetta Venture Partners
Chloe Capital
Azure Capital Partners
The WXR Venture Fund
Think + Ventures
LDR Ventures
Chloe Capital
Flybridge Capital
Laconia Capital Group
Octopus Ventures
Spero Ventures

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