Our mission

Provide underrepresented entrepreneurs the voice and power
to access capital in a safe and inclusive environment.

Our vision

Create equal opportunities for talented entrepreneurs to innovate, drive economic growth, and build a sustainable world.

Commitment to Transparency

Our goal is to transform the process of fundraising, fostering access to great investors who value you as a founder.

Our story

As female founders, we have experienced firsthand the unique challenges of raising funding for our startups. In July 2017, we heard numerous stories of females experiencing harassment and discrimination, and we realized something needed to change. We are a group of female founders who came together from around the world with the shared desire to make raising funding more equitable.

The result?

FairFunders Inc., a nonprofit established with the goal of ensuring that everyone - regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, disability, and economic background - has an equal chance at building their vision.

Our start

We launched an investor rating system - in the midst of the scandals across tech - to give the power back to founders. Our hope was to out the bad players and highlight the good by allowing founders to share their experiences with a investors via a Glassdoor-like rating system. However, the rating system wasn't as successful as we'd hoped.

Soon after, we launched Founder Access to VCs Events (FAVEs), our bi-weekly online events that bring founders a new way to connect with investors they would not have had access to otherwise. No warm intros, elite networks, or budgets for investor conferences needed!

The success of FAVE led us to build a complimentary tool for our loyal community of founders and investors - an evolution of FAVE where we take founders’ access to VCs a step further with a simple platform for pitch deck sharing, feedback, and messaging. We're offering free access to the platform in beta while we iterate on the product to find what will be most helpful not only to underrepresented founders, but also to investors who are committed to funding diverse teams of founders.

What We Offer

Investor Connections

At our exclusive, online Founder Access to VCs Events (FAVEs), we enable underrepresented founders to have an equal opportunity to connect with investors -
no warm intros or elite networks required.

Pitch Deck Review

Share your pitch deck with investors and fellow founders
and receive honest, constructive feedback.
You control whether founders, investors, and/or
FairFunders Advisors see your deck.

Brainstorming Sessions

Got a startup problem to solve?
We've found that the best startup advice comes from other founders. Schedule a free session with a fellow founder, or schedule a session with FairFunders for a modest donation.

Fair Funders List

Each month, we put together a list of investors who fund diverse teams of founders. If you know or are an investor who is committed to diversity and inclusion in their portfolio, we'd love to hear from you.