Brainstorming Sessions

You're having trouble finding product-market fit...
Your company's growth has stagnated...
Marketing is bleeding you dry...
You've tried everything to fix what's broken, but nothing seems to work.
You think to yourself, "What am I doing wrong?"

You're not alone!

As founders, we're so close to our companies that it can be hard to see problems and solutions clearly.

What you need is another set of eyes.

FairFunders will help you see your company's issues from a new perspective and offer solutions.
We're inviting you to a safe space where you can talk
openly and honestly - in confidence - about your company's challenges.
Brainstorming Sessions are held with a FairFunders Advisor (Melissa McCool or Samantha Friedman) for a small fee,
or you can Pay-it-Forward by referring a friend and we'll match you with a fellow founder for your brainstorming session.
Brainstorming Sessions
Make an appointment with a FairFunders Advisor - Melissa McCool or Samantha Friedman.
1 hour for $80 special beta price: $40
2 hours for $150 special beta price: $75
Pay-it-Forward for free!
Refer a friend, and we'll match you with a fellow founder
for your brainstorming session!


*If you're on mobile, we suggest turning your phone sideways (to landscape mode) for a better layout.*
To schedule your first appointment:
  • Create a new user account on SuperSaaS
    • Click "Schedule Here" (on this page).
    • Choose either "Brainstorming Sessions" (payment required) or "Pay-it-Forward" (free with referral to a friend).
    • Click "sign in" (near the top-left of the page on desktop).
    • Below the login button, click "Create a new user account".
    • Fill in your email address (user name), choose a password, and select your local time zone.
    • Click "Create".
  • Make your appointment
    • Click "Create new appointment" to see available slots for the week.
      • Use "Find available space after" to see available slots after a certain date and time.
    • Click the plus sign to choose an appointment slot.
    • Select the length of your session (1 hour or 2 hours), and click "Create Appointment".
    • Fill in the requested information: first name, last name, email, company, topics to discuss, and FairFunders newsletter subscription.
      • For Pay-it-Forward sessions, also fill in your friend's email address and company name.
    • Click "Schedule" to reserve the slot.
      • If you're scheduling a Pay-it-Forward session, you're done!
      • If you're scheduling a Brainstorming Session, the slot is held until you make your payment:
        • Click the "Pay Now" button to pay for your session through PayPal.
        • Once your payment has been received, your appointment is scheduled and you're done!