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Erik Moore

erik moore

"We believe in the powerful magic of human potential. Above all else we value exceptional founders."
- Erik Moore's Base Ventures

Erik Moore’s track record began when he provided the first seed investment for Tony Hsieh’s Zappos in 1999, back before selling shoes online was a thing, netting him a 50-times return. Over the years, he showed his talent for spotting winners in innovation with investments in StyleSeat, Social Cam, Tony Hsieh’s Vegas Tech Fund, PiegeonLy, and 50 more noteworthy startups on the road to powerful exits. Erik challenges founders to stand out from the crowd and be fearless in pursuing differentiation in representation, regardless of gender, heritage, or industry. Today, Base Ventures has a strong, diverse team working to bring diverse color and creativity to the industry’s venture capitalists and founders around the world.

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