The Family

Balthazar de Lavergne, Alice Zagury, Oussama Ammar, Serge Alleyne, Nicolas Colin, and Miguel de Fontenay


The Family is a Paris-based platform that “unites entrepreneurs across Europe in Paris, London and Berlin” with “one office, in three locations.” With 6 diverse partners from Casablanca, Lebanon, Paris, and the US and a broad set of investment theses, this group of dynamic entrepreneurs-turned-investors and advisers is taking Europe by storm with a $6.6M war chest raised in 2016 to plunge into diverse entrepreneurs across the European continent.

The Family, speaking our language, has created a system of grossly unfair advantages for diverse founders, such as thousands in exclusive deals with partner corporate firms, access to thought leaders, and fundraising with godfathers.

Rather than seek to build the next Silicon Valley, they are driven by a purpose and passion beyond them: “To build a startup continent that is diverse, dynamic and open.” We are here for this!

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