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  • Founders
    (in addition to the General Terms)
    • You agree that FairFunders is not responsible for keeping your proprietary information safe from competitors.
    • You are solely responsible for the content of your pitch deck, and we suggest that you do not upload pitch decks that contain proprietary information.
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    • You acknowledge that FairFunders makes no guarantees that you will raise funding as a result of using our services (though we certainly hope you will).
  • Investors
    (in addition to the General Guidelines)
    • You agree to allow founders to contact you via our platform if you leave feedback on their deck.
    • You acknowledge that FairFunders makes no guarantees that founders will be interested in an investment from you or your firm.
    • You acknowledge that FairFunders makes no guarantees that any investments you make in companies on our platform will produce a return (though we certainly hope they will).