Our mission

Provide underrepresented entrepreneurs the voice and power
to access capital in a safe and inclusive environment.

Our vision

Create equal opportunities for talented entrepreneurs to innovate, drive economic growth, and build a sustainable world.

Our story

As female founders, we have experienced firsthand the unique challenges of raising funding for our startups. In July, once we heard numerous stories of females experiencing harassment and discrimination, we realized something needed to change. We are a group of female founders who came together from around the world with the shared desire of making raising funding more equitable. We want to ensure that anyone, regardless of their gender, has an equal chance at building their vision.

The result? FairFunders.

What we are

A long-term sustainable and inclusive space where VCs, investors, and accelerators observe their own feedback and, with positive reinforcement, are encouraged to gain and maintain best practices within the funding industry.

What we are not

A platform where bashing, shaming, shunning, ostracizing or attacking VCs, investors, or accelerators is tolerated. While we are advocates for transparency in this industry, we are dedicated to the humanity and dignity of all levels of funders.